Software Development

Desktop Application Development

Desktop Application Development

BigClick Solution provides the best-of-technologies to develop rich, user-friendly and effective Desktop Applications that work offline and run off the web browser. We help you spruce-up your business environment through rich, easy-to-use, easy-to-access, new-generation Rich Desktop Applications (RDAs) and Rich Internet Desktop Applications (RIDAs). Our desktop applications facilitate instant content synchronization, quick file system access and ready management of downloadable content even while working offline.

Go for desktop apps development to simplify all your business processes. The application will be built according to your business requirements. It will work the way you want. We provides Full Control in Your Hands, You will decide how your desktop application will work. Desktop application developers will make sure that your vision is transformed into a reality.

School Management System Development

We provides School Management System, is designed to improve the way a school is managed throughcomprehensive functionality. It is an interactive platform for all users such as Students, Teachers, Management, Trustees, and Parents. It’s a simple yet powerful integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution with administrative features like time tables, examination details, student information, certifications, reports generation, result generation, fee counter, library, canteen, pay roll, vendor, accounts, inventory etc with following features:

Send report cards to students and parents online through email. Send SMS alerts to students and parents to the about upcoming events and upcoming schedule through SMS or email.You can also send an email to a particular student or his parent regarding a complaint against him or email regarding lack of attendance.

School Management System Development
Apartment Management System Development

Apartment Management System

“Apartment Management System” or “AMS” is a web based responsive application for apartment management. You can manage your whole apartment system through this web application. “Apartment Management System” is the best software for managing highly customizable apartment, flat, building or any kind of real estate properties. It will help you to control whole apartment in your hand at a glance.

This Application has four steps dashboard like Admin Dashboard, Apartment Owner Dashbaord, Employee Dashboard and Renter Dashboard. Admin can controll all and Owner can Monitor Renter all. Employee can Check his Info. Renter can also check his all information.

CMS Management System

Content management solutions come in various platforms, applications, and tools designed to streamline content creation, distribution, and promotion. BigClick Solution specializes in providing customized CMS software and dedicated CMS developers with industry-specific experience.

BigClick Solution is a long-term back-end technology partner. Our fully customizable CMS solutions require no licensing fees at project completion. Once we complete your project to your exact specifications, we release your project source code and intellectual property. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're confident that our results will win your trust and repeat business.

CMS Management System Development
Visitor Management System Development

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System (VMS) is a simple, perfect and secured Visitor Management Software for Corporate, Industries, Modern Organization, and Research Centers and for multiple tenants like Tec part, Business Centers, Commercial complex, campus and residential complexes also.

Visitors must write entries by hand, creating a logjam effect in public entryways. Security personal must check each visitor's credentials and manually initiate any further security checks (for example, a call for a background check or other action).

Visitor's badges rarely have photo identification and can easily be swapped from person to person. Documentation requires either manually re-entering logbook information in a computer or keeping the logbook itself in storage.

Sales/Billing Invoice Management System

We are committed to provide excellent Billing and Sales invoicing software. Our software bundeled with unique features.

Direct Billing, Retail and tax Invoice, Collection Management, Purchase Order Processing and Invoicing, Commission Invoice, Agency Invoice, Consignment Item Invoice, Invoice system for buying House, Export Invoice, Distribution Invoice, Manufactueres Invoice management and processing

User interface and reports in regional languages.
Understanding of product strategies and access to specialized skills.
Transparent engagement models that gives a ring-side view of the project.
Proven processes that enable delivery of rugged quality and predictability of delivery.
No redundant data.
Secured & controlled data access.
Graphical analysis of various parameters

Sales/Billing System Development
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Do you need a custom, native iOS, Android or Windows app? Prefer a cross-platform responsive web app? Require a secure backend? If you want it, we can build it. Where others struggle, we thrive. We are serving in Mobile Android Application, iPhone Application and Windows Mobile Application development with reliable and cheapest cost. Security personal must check each visitor's credentials and manually initiate any further security checks.

Mobile app development is the new way to build businesses and promote growth. For those businesses that have a business idea, all they need to do is visit our mobile app development company for mobile strategies that create high-ranking mobile apps. Mindinventory works with diverse brands, organizations, start-ups, and individuals to create powerful apps from great ideas.

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